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Roadside Surgery: A Medical Emergency in Perth

Medical emergencies near Perth aren’t something that can be relied upon to happen on a predictable time frame. They can occur at any moment. This moment occurred for Perth doctor recently, Dr. Edward Yeboah, when he came upon a crash in an area outside of town. Having taken a wrong...

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Disaster Management for WA: The Perils of the Rescuer

It is a known element of rescue services: the attempt to save a stricken party can be fraught with risk. That is the reality of rescue work: the same conditions that have imperilled people are more than likely still present. Every rescuer is aware of this, and must come to...

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Emergency Response for Western Australia

In the aftermath of the devastation of Yarloop last January, those involved in emergency response in WA were left shaking their heads amid public backlash. Warnings to residents of the historic town were said to be simply too late for any protective measure to be put in to place, which...

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