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The Changing Landscape of Fire Rescue for Perth

In the Australian bush, fires are as much a part of the ecology as the vegetation and wildlife. In the world’s hottest and driest continent, much of the land must be occasionally revived with nutrients produced by bushfires. Nature here is so well adapted that numerous seeds and plants will...

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The Legacy of the Berlin Airlift for Perth and the World

As Allied and Russian forces began to turn the tide of World War II in 1944, they began to undertake a march towards Hitler’s headquarters in Berlin. But the Russians in the east had the distinct advantage of a younger, less seasoned German army corps to cope with, one that...

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SAR Rescue Services in Perth: Methods

The Perth environment is one that lends itself to a particular brand of search and rescue. As they have been throughout the world, search and rescue methods here have been customised to its landscape. Different geography and climes dictate different methodologies for seeking out lost parties. In the landscape here,...

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