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The Tough Task of Urban Search and Rescue in Perth

Urban Search and Rescue in Perth is primarily concerned with searching for victims of housing collapses. These can be the result of a number of different causes: some of the most common are landslides and avalanches, flooding, fires, and earthquakes. It is among the most specialised areas of search and rescue.

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Summer Emergency Response for Perth

As the heat and the dry of the summer begins to take hold in Western Australia, the pace of life broadly begins to slow down. It is difficult to find the energy to rush when the mercury climbs above 40, and the search for a cool spot often leads us indoors.

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Australia’s Rich History of Airlift Evacuations offer lessons for Perth

The remarkable size of the Australian continent, coupled with the lack of transport options, bred some of the world’s first, and finest, bush pilots. The only method of reaching the far-flung properties and farms in a reasonable amount of time, in the case of injury or disaster, was to come by air. Some of the tales from these pioneering airmen defy belief.

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