Cleaning up oil spills in Perth: The Importance of Spill Kits

In many industrial processes, the question of whether an oil spill occurs in your workplace is not an ‘if’ – it is a when. Large and small oil spills occur every day around Perth, a reality of working with the substance, and the basics of human fallibility.

Regardless of large or small scale, these spills must be dealt with as soon as possible. Oil, grease, and fuel can easily be absorbed in to the soil nearby, or be washed in to watersheds. They can impact upon local flora and fauna. And, they are a threat to the safety of your workforce. Many slips and falls each year are attributed to spills.

A spill kit is key to cleaning up oil spills at your Perth home or workplace. These small, inexpensive kits contain an absorbent element that targets the substance on the ground, and functions hugely better than the old stand-bys – kitty litter and sand. They are easily disposed of, and many firms offer your firm a package whereby they are constantly updated as they lose their effectiveness. They are easy to employ and highly visible, so they can be employed by whomever is nearest.

Although spill kits can target a specific oil or fuel directly, there is typically an all-rounder that is offered by many firms, which functions across a wide variety of common spills. Other specifics include mercury, coolant liquid, agricultural chemicals, and organic fluids – often utilised at hospitals.

These kits are an essential element of protecting Australia’s natural wildlife and our workforce, and should be present in every workplace that has a risk of spillage.