Parabellum International – Crisis Management Company Perth, WA

Crisis management is among the most important elements of public relations for a firm. In this day of instant connectivity, any events which harm the environment, or a member of the public, are not only poor for the parties involved. They are detrimental to the operations of your firm, and damaging to its public image.

Clearly, having a plan in place to cope with the possibility of a crisis situation is paramount. Ensuring that such plans are laid properly, in a comprehensive, holistic fashion, is the speciality of Perth’s premier crisis management company. Our lengthy experience in the field, and our adaptability to the unique circumstances facing firms in Western Australia, ensures our place atop the field.

We operate in a number of key areas, focusing primarily upon the needs of the oil and gas industry. Our areas of speciality include:

Our courses put emphasis on the leadership and direction that is needed in trying circumstances. Our time spent working alongside both private and public firms, providing both direct services and training, has offered us insight in to all aspects of this technical field, from planning to completion. We place a high level of value on human capital, and we are ready to prepare you, and your workforce, for any eventuality.

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The city of Perth sits on Western Australia’s Swan River, near its mouth with the Indian Ocean. Ranked among the world’s most liveable cities, for its amenable climate and strong economy, Perth is Australia’s fourth largest urban area, and is known for King’s Park and the West Coast Eagles football club.