Parabellum International – Disaster Relief & Management Perth, WA

Disaster relief in Perth involves a number of factors, but none are more important than pre-planning the best methods of dealing with, and mitigating, a crisis. These crises can take any number of forms, but like nearly all disasters, having a set plan in place to cope with the aftermath is vitally important to ensuring they are contained quickly and efficiently.

With a focus on the oil and gas industry in Perth, efficient and comprehensive services and training in disaster relief is what characterises Parabellum International. We have worked with numerous government agencies and private corporations in the field of disaster relief and management in Perth and across WA. We take every element in to account to prepare a plan for the impacts of a potential disaster, across several key areas.

In the oil and gas industry of today, there are a number of potentially damaging situations that can result from its extraction. These events are not only harmful to the pristine environment of Western Australia; they hurt production, and can result in poor press. To ensure this is not the case, it is vital to have a plan. At Parabellum International of Perth, we provide comprehensive Disaster Relief and Management, from planning to implementation, with an eye to the Australian regulatory framework. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call.

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Perth is located on the Swan River, in Western Australia’s western regions. One of the most isolated major cities in the world, and the fourth-largest in Australia, Perth is known for hosting the 1987 America’s Cup and being home to the West Coast Eagles football club.