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Parabellum International provides clients with a complete Fire Fighting capability consisting of highly qualified and experienced professional fire fighters, in addition to specialist equipment, vehicles, and expertise.

Our Fire Fighting personnel are experts in:

In this fire-prone country, fire fighting and fire rescue are essential skill sets for any emergency response team in Perth, and throughout Western Australia. The intense heat and dryness of the summer months here means that no safety plan is complete without proper preparedness. Our respected professionals are well-versed, experienced, and studied in fire safety and fire fighting practices, and will be assets to any fire fighting force in Perth.

We can help to ensure the safety of property and human life in your community. If you’re in the market for the finest fire fighting experts, equipment, and training capabilities in Perth, Parabellum International is ready for you.

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The capital of capital of WA straddles the Swan River, in western WA. The country’s fourth-largest urban centre, the city is known for the leafy expanse of King’s Park and for hosting the famous 1987 Australian defence of the America’s Cup.

Other Emergency Response Capabilities

Parabellum International’s Medical capability is made up of specialists that are highly qualified and experienced in providing remote area pre-hospital care.

Parabellum International’s Marine Support capability covers near-coastal and onshore hydrocarbon spill response of upstream vessel spreads.

Parabellum International’s Emergency Management staff has extensive experience in the Government and Private sector enabling remote site procedural setup and implementation, management, training and interoperability coordination with internal and external agencies.

Fire Rescue
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