Oil Spill Cleanup Perth, WA | Parabellum International

At Parabellum International, our marine support capability covers near-coastal and onshore hydrocarbon spill response of upstream vessel spreads for this busy, and vulnerable, stretch of Western Australia’s coastline. We specialise in providing the finest expertise and services for cleaning up oil spills in Perth and around Western Australia.

As has been proven by the Kirki and Montara oil spills in recent years, this lengthy and pristine coastline sits in a position to be affected by hydrocarbons. The nearby oil fields near Java, along with considerable transhipment of oil as bunker fuel for vessels servicing the Pilbara ports in the north and those of Kwinana and Albany in the south, means that a comprehensive and effective plan for oil spill cleanup and remediation is absolutely vital to preserving this coastline.

We provide all specialist equipment to allow effective and timely intervention in events involving a loss of containment of product. Our preparation, flexibility, and expertise ensure that environmental impacts are reduced, and harm to ecosystems are managed in accordance with regulatory guidance. We support all marine activities, with dedicated response vessels, ready at a moments notice for effective cleaning up of oil spills.

At Parabellum International, we know the high regard in which Western Australia holds the natural environment. Like any responsible member of this state, we endeavour to provide a service that keeps our natural gifts protected and pristine, for the enjoyment of all. We are the oil spill cleanup experts for Perth and all of Western Australia.

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Perth lies on the Indian Ocean, in the west of Western Australia, straddling the Swan River. One of the world’s most isolated major cities, Perth is known for its Mediterranean climate and outstanding sailing conditions, and hosts the West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers of the AFL.