Roadside Surgery: A Medical Emergency in Perth

Medical emergencies near Perth aren’t something that can be relied upon to happen on a predictable time frame. They can occur at any moment. This moment occurred for Perth doctor recently, Dr. Edward Yeboah, when he came upon a crash in an area outside of town.

Having taken a wrong turn down a road while headed to his destination, the doctor was seeking a spot to turn himself around. Instead, he came across an accident that had just occurred, where two trucks had recently collided head-on. It was a bad accident, and the driver of one of the trucks was stuck inside his cab. Making an emergency call, Dr. Yeboah waited on the scene until fire crews were able to free the passenger.

This passenger, Simon Treloar, was suffering from bad injuries, including a collapsed lung. Upon being extricated from the cab, paramedics and Dr. Yebaoh were obliged to perform roadside surgery upon his chest, to relief the pressure on his heart being caused by a the compression of the accident. This had all been done without an anaesthetic: in true Aussie fashion, when asked if it was all right to go ahead with the incision in his chest without any painkillers, Treloar responded “Yeah, just go for it mate.”

Treloar, after a lengthy stay in the intensive care unit in Perth, has managed to recover, and lately was spotted offering his impromptu medical team his thanks. For his staff, medical emergencies in Perth are their craft, and they were happy to assist when he needed them.