Search and Rescue Service | Accident Response Company Perth, WA

At Parabellum International, we provide comprehensive search and rescue and accident response services to Perth and throughout Western Australia. We take a researched, experienced, and well-trained attitude to our work, and provide the necessary capabilities for search and rescue and accident rescue missions.

Our comprehensive focus concentrates on:

  • Rescue services
  • Accident rescue
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Land and water applications of the above

In our line of business, we hold to the notion that preparedness and readiness are the most vital elements of search and rescue services. Our experience and studious nature has driven home the need for fast, decisive action, while maintaining rational action and holistic management.

Our well-experienced and studied staff have extensive experience in search and rescue, both in Perth, and throughout the world. We believe that lessons can be learned from search and rescue teams all throughout the world, and part of our expertise is our devotion to staying abreast of any recent developments in our field.

At Parabellum International, we bring a professional approach and an experienced team to the forefront of Perth’s search and rescue and accident response scene.

The idyllic capital of Western Australia sits on the western edge of the state on the Indian Ocean, where the Swan River exits the state. The city is known its outstanding weather and sailing conditions, caused by the marked onshore ‘thermal’ breeze, known as the ‘Doctor’.

Other Emergency Response Capabilities

Parabellum International’s Medical capability is made up of specialists that are highly qualified and experienced in providing remote area pre-hospital care.

Parabellum International’s Marine Support capability covers near-coastal and onshore hydrocarbon spill response of upstream vessel spreads.

Parabellum International’s Emergency Management staff has extensive experience in the Government and Private sector enabling remote site procedural setup and implementation, management, training and interoperability coordination with internal and external agencies.

Fire Rescue
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