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We are the go-to crisis and emergency services partner for companies with significant exposure to risk, anywhere in the world.
Specialist advice / consultancy:
  • Emergency management system design and training;
  • Health and safety consultancy including risk assessment and auditing of high-risk areas and major hazard facilities;
  • Regulatory approval/ compliance;
  • Aviation Authority/ airport licensing exercises;
  • Safety case approvals;
  • Integrity-critical fire systems inspection and servicing;
  • Fire equipment design/ purchasing and final acceptance testing on behalf of clients.
Fire and rescue:
  • Industrial and hydrocarbon fire and rescue including hazardous materials support;
  • Aviation fire and rescue including the management of emergency services to remote/regional airports;
  • Structural fire and rescue including confined space rescue, rescues from height and offshore marine fire and rescue.
Medical services:
  • Emergency medical services provision remote, offshore and industrial site-based medical providers.
Security services:
  • Corporate
  • Critical infrastructure / site
  • Offshore security plan writing / approval
Marine and oil spill:
  • Dedicated Oil Spill response teams and equipment including dedicated vessels
  • IMO3 Oil Spill response Command and Control – Incident Commander qualified personnel
  • Warehouse facility housing additional Oil Spill equipment to supplement client/National stocks.
Equipment and vehicles:
  • Equipment and vehicle services
  • Consultancy and subject matter expertise to clients looking to purchase their own equipment. This includes design input, final acceptance testing, and importation advice and support
  • Wet and dry hire of a range of equipment held in our existing fleet
  • Highly-skilled staff to maintain and operate equipment as required

How do we add value?

Long-term partnerships with major clients allow us to anticipate efficiencies and extend our value.


We live and breathe crises and emergency response services. As an example, we’ve successfully added fire equipment servicing and oil spill response roles to our existing contracts, providing significant cost savings to the client and simplifying management on site.

We’ve assembled some of the most experienced operators in our industry into one organisation with one united purpose.

We add value by providing a service designed to mitigate risk based on meticulous, best-practice methodologies. We take away the burden of
high-impact events in a high-stakes industry.

  • Mature systems
  • International standard training
  • Multi-skilled work force
  • State of the art equipment
  • Unrivalled safety performance
  • Multi-trained operatives
  • Scaleable teams, intelligently expanded to increase capacity
  • Flexible response
  • Four Australian Standard/ISO accreditations

“Parabellum’s primary role on the Gorgon project is emergency response, which requires them to have trained staff on site at all times. The remote nature of the site means that staff are there whether they’re needed or not.

After consulting with us as the client, they offered to utilise the staff we already had on site, to provide fire tech, fire equipment servicing and oil spill response services at no extra cost under their existing contract. At a time when global commodity prices were applying downward pressure and the project was changing from a project budget to operational budgets with more focus, this provided millions in much-needed cost savings each year. To have a contractor initiate these types of cost savings to support the clients budget constraints is a true example of a partnership relationship where all parties benefit“