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We hold numerous master services agreements supporting clients worldwide

Over a 12 month period, Parabellum teams have responded to approximately 400 activations across current contracts. These include:

  • Multiple loss of contaminant incidents involving liquid nitrogen, ammonia, hydrocarbon and dangerous goods requiring full hazardous materials support.
  • Scrub, wildfire and bush fire.
  • Sub-station and high voltage electrical fire.
  • Search for vulnerable and at-risk personnel.
  • Rescue at height.
  • Man overboard, vessel rescues and transfers.
  • Security incidents.
  • Aircraft PAN and MAYDAY support.
  • Confined space rescue.
  • Loss of containment at sea.
  • Road traffic collisions.
  • Man overboard, vessel rescues and transfers.



Since 2011, Parabellum has had extensive experience with Chevron where we have a track record on the World’s most premier projects, Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG.

Chevron have a global contractor management framework which assess their ability to meet exacting standards, we are proud to report that our systems and processes have been assessed by Chevron as ‘industry leading’ and our safety performance is unrivalled in our field.

We are currently Chevron contractor health, environment and safety management (CHESM) ‘A’ rated for the Australian Business Unit.

Wheatstone LNG

Wheatstone Trunkline Pull and Social Infrastructure Support

The Wheatstone Social Infrastructure project came about because of a commitment by Chevron to provide improved services to the local remote community.

This infrastructure included the provision of remote medical services including critical care paramedics and a fully equipped clinic.

We were proud to be part of the initial team on the ground, providing coverage for the workers in an extremely remote environment, a long way from state response capability.

Marine Coordinator and Marine Assistant Including Parabellum Supplied Oil Spill Vessels and Equipment

We expanded our support providing specialist hyperbaric medical staff for a high-risk phase of Wheatstone Upstream project which included a dedicated marine vessel providing coverage for casualty transfers and man overboard coverage.

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 maritime oil spill dispersion and containment;
  • Tier 3 maritime oil spill dispersion and containment support; and
  • Man overboard coverage, search and rescue support, and offshore patient transfer to shore for medivac purposes.

Micro Tunnel Site

Provision of remote medical services including critical care paramedics and a fully equipped clinic at the Wheatstone Micro Tunnel site. The clinic provided coverage for high-risk activities with staff qualified in hyperbaric medicine.

Gorgon Project, Barrow Island

Ongoing emergency response services, including aviation fire and rescue and emergency support to the now fully operational LNG site. We have been contracted to this project since November 2012, initially supporting construction activities and at the peak we had 35 full-time firefighters on site, responsible for 8,500 residents and over 500,000 passengers per year passing through Barrow Island airport.

We remain on site having supported commissioning activities which included direct support to achieve dangerous goods licensing and safety case approval and we are now part of the operations workforce for the Gorgon LNG major hazard facility.