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Financial & Legal

More than compliance: excellence and innovation.

Parabellum is here for the long haul. The company is financially solid and legally sound.

Our biggest contracts run over extended periods, from design through commissioning and into production. Nothing is left to chance.

Complex contracts with the world’s largest oil and gas companies include stringent scrutiny and pre-qualification requirements. You need to prepare for the worst to secure what is best.

That’s why our financial team navigate what could be choppy waters, with upmost precision and without a splash.

Our financial stability comes from experienced management, thorough due diligence and careful budgeting.

Few service providers in our industry have equalled our achievements on long-running major global projects.

For our entire journey, we’ve innovated and adapted, blazing a trail of our own design.

This agile approach has given us the smarts to fund ongoing capital purchases and bring in the best technologies.

High-risk operations need vigilance and expert legal support.

Our in-house legal team specialise in health and safety law and the relevant regulatory frameworks.

They have a voice in all our major decisions and business milestones, steering us through relatively unchartered waters.

We make it our business to be ahead of the game in every aspect of our industry so our clients can do the same.

We are serious about not only meeting but exceeding our statutory and regulatory obligations.

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