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Industry Support

Parabellum emergency response services are contracted to some of the world’s most premier Industry projects

Providing Industry Emergency Response Services and Support

Parabellum provides a multitude of premium emergency response services works across a wide range of industries, with tailored solutions, equipment and personnel. Regardless of whether or not you are onshore, offshore or in remote areas, our support services are dedicated towards safety and protection over a variety of applications.

Offshore Oil Gas Rig

We work with companies to strategically plan and implement Oil and Gas Emergency Response Plans which helps to ensure onsite safety in offshore locations.

Mining Digger

Dedicated support services for the mining industry across a variety of applications, including fire and emergency support, mine safety and security, as well as inspections and medical services.


Supporting our clients through a range of services including industrial emergency response and working with hazardous and volatile materials, as well as fire safety and rescue for industrial clients.

Aviation Firefighters

Providing a full spectrum of aviation emergency services and airport emergency management processes to ensure onsite safety and preparation for emergency scenarios.


Building Long Term Relationships with Industry Leaders.

Long-term Industry partnerships allow us to anticipate efficiencies and extend our value

We live and breathe crises and emergency response services. We’ve assembled some of the most experienced operators in our industry into one organisation with one united purpose.

We add value by providing a service designed to mitigate risk based on meticulous, best-practice methodologies. We take away the burden of
high-impact events in a high-stakes industry.

We Support Your Industry With:

  • Mature systems.
  • International standard training.
  • Multi-skilled work force.
  • State of the art equipment.
  • Unrivalled safety performance.
  • Multi-trained operatives.
  • Scaleable teams, intelligently expanded to increase capacity.
  • Flexible response.
  • Four Australian Standard/ISO accreditations.