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Marine and Oil Spill Response Equipment and Services

Our oil spill response teams have the expertise and resources to meet regulatory licensing requirements and minimise environmental risk

Marine and Oil Spill Response Capability:

  • Our expert marine and oil spill workforce teams ready to mobilise in the event of an actual or potential spill incident.
  • IMO3 oil spill response command and control – Incident Commander and emergency response qualified personnel.
  • Specialist spill response equipment and vessels to meet operational and regulatory requirements.
  • Warehouse facility housing oil spill equipment to supplement client and National stocks.
Marine Oil

International Support Expertise

Parabellum works with the world’s largest companies to provide clients with expert advice, spill response plans & preparation strategies and response personnel & equipment in the event of significant spills, under tight cost and schedule constraints.

Our experience ensures that your spill response plans are robust and scalable to satisfy regulatory licensing requirements, supplying you with a qualified workforce, specialised vessels and equipment for a quick and coordinated response during major oil spills to limit the impact on the environment.

Regardless of the size or complexity, our capability and capacity to plan for these low-likelihood events will ensure the emergency response is commensurate with the risk. In the instance of a spill incident, contact Parabellum International for an equipped and skilled spill response team.

Spill Response and Workforce to Satisfy the Regulator

Project Case Study: Low-Draft Vessels and Marine Oil Spill Response Personnel

Parabellum provided low-draft vessels and marine oil spill response personnel on a multi-billion-dollar project. When called into action, we provided nearshore coverage on a Class-A nature reserve, successfully completing exercises and drills as part of the Environmental Plan approval by NOPSEMA as well as ongoing support to the project.

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