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Industrial Support

Industrial emergency response services tailored for hazardous situations and dynamic fire safety & rescue to minimize loss and risk

Providing Diverse Emergency Response Services and Support for Industrial Companies.

We are focused on providing strategic emergency response support to industrial companies through a range of services, including hazardous materials emergency management and industrial fire safety & rescue capabilities. Whether or not it’s a chemical spill, hazmat spill or you require industrial fire protection support, we are well equipped to handle the emergency.

Industrial Emergency Response

Industrial Emergency

Due to the high risk of chemicals and hazardous conditions across a variety of industrial organisations and sub sectors, we have developed targeted industrial emergency response capabilities to support our clients. Geared towards the protection of life and onsite assets, as well as loss prevention, we have aligned our services for maximum protection and support.

  • Production and management of an emergency response plan
  • Tailored support services for chemical emergency response
  • Site security management and on demand support for emergency scenarios
  • Trained and experienced professionals with an intimate knowledge of supporting Industry

Hazardous Materials Emergency

Industrial Hazardous Materials

Safe, respected and trusted services designed for hazardous materials emergency situations. Regardless of which materials are being used onsite, our team have attributed vast experience in handling volatile materials throughout an array of corporations and industries, leaving us capable, equipped and ready to handle emergencies.

  • Prepared and capable of handling hazmat spills or hazmat emergency response scenarios
  • Trained safety professionals with experience handling onsite chemical spill response
  • Specific equipment available to handle hazardous materials and emergency situations
  • Highly responsive support teams capable of addressing spills and leaks quickly and efficiently

Industrial Fire Safety & Rescue


Industrial fire safety & rescue is of paramount importance to all worksites as we understand the need for ensuring your staff and assets are safe at all times. Our targeted services are designed to be highly responsive and dynamic in the face of potential emergency scenarios, to limit loss and minimise risk.

  • Highly trained operatives skilled in successfully supporting onsite fire safety
  • Go-to crisis and emergency response services for industrial fire safety
  • Quality fleet of industrial fire and safety vehicles available to handle all emergency scenarios
  • Uncompromising commitment to the safety and support of our clients in times of crisis and emergency