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Are you best equipped to face the worst?

We are.

Specialist advice

Emergency management system design and training. Health & Safety consultancy. Regulatory compliance.

Fire and rescue

Industrial and hydrocarbon fire and rescue. Aviation fire and rescue. Structural fire and rescue.

Medical services

Emergency medical services provision – remote, offshore and industrial site-based medical providers.

Marine and oil spill

Marine oil spill response, marine rescue and patient transfer from vessels to land.

Security services

Corporate. Critical infrastructure / site. Offshore security plan writing / approval.

Vehicles and equipment

Extensive fleet of Fire, Medical and Marine vehicles, vessels and equipment.

We will be the go-to crisis and emergency services partner for companies with exposure to risk, anywhere in the world. 

In an emergency, results matter.

When emergency strikes – and it will – only the very best preparation will deliver the best results. Nothing can be left to chance on the largest and most complex oil and gas projects in the world. It’s a high-stakes industry, where having the right people on their team can make all the difference.

Parabellum has an outstanding track-record on these projects, preparing clients to be the very best when times are at their very worst. Being privately-owned, West Australia-based company that provides best-practice emergency response and management services to the oil and gas industry.

A highly-skilled workforce and state-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose vehicles, vessels and equipment makes us lead the pack. Only the best can deliver the best. Our systems are designed for the most exacting clients in the world and our outstanding track-record for results shows why they choose Parabellum again and again.