Parabellum COO Jessica Keogh Featured on Cover of The CIO World

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Jessica Keogh, the COO of Parabellum International, has been featured as a cover story in “The CIO World” magazine, where her remarkable journey and transformative leadership are highlighted. This feature emphasises how Jessica’s upbringing, instilled with values of hard work and compassion, and her successful legal career have culminated in her pivotal role at Parabellum International. Alongside Navin Vij, she has propelled the company to new heights, emphasising a philosophy centred on aiding people and giving back to society.

Jessica’s transition from a lawyer specialising in employment, safety, and industrial relations to an entrepreneurial role demonstrates the impact that a change in career path can have when driven by a passion for making a difference. The story in “The CIO World” magazine reflects on how her expertise and innovative strategies have fostered growth and excellence in the high-risk environments that Parabellum International operates in, such as the oil, gas, and mining industries.

As COO, Jessica Keogh leverages her legal background to navigate the complexities of the emergency services sector, ensuring that operational decisions are both effective and compassionate. Her leadership is described as integral to Parabellum’s success, shaping the company’s culture to one where ‘best in class’ people can thrive and innovation is nurtured.

This feature is a celebration of Jessica Keogh’s dynamic approach to leadership and her significant contributions to driving innovation and growth within Parabellum International. To delve deeper into her story and the insightful journey that has led her to where she is today, you can explore the full article featured in “The CIO World” magazine.​

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