Parabellum International and Rosenbauer: A United Force in Advancing Emergency Response in Western Australia and the Northern Territory

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It’s with immense pride and a vision for the future that we at Parabellum International announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with Rosenbauer, the world-renowned manufacturer of firefighting and disaster response equipment. This collaboration is set to revolutionise emergency response capabilities within Western Australia (WA) and the Northern Territory (NT), bringing global excellence in firefighting technology to our home front.

Our joint efforts will see the introduction of advanced vehicles, fire extinguishing systems, and special systems for career, volunteer, industrial and specialist fire services. By integrating Rosenbauer’s advanced technologies with Parabellum International’s seasoned expertise in providing custom emergency response solutions, we are elevating the region’s emergency preparedness to unprecedented heights.

Navin Viji, CEO of Parabellum International, articulated the essence of this partnership, emphasising the synergistic potential between our organisational values and Rosenbauer’s innovative solutions. His outlook captures our commitment to redefining emergency response through top-tier technologies and unmatched service offerings.

Ian Lynass, Chairman of Parabellum International, echoed this sentiment, affirming our collective strategic vision. This partnership is not just about integrating tools and equipment; it’s about weaving Rosenbauer’s global firefighting prowess with Parabellum’s dedication to excellence, thereby enhancing the emergency response landscape across WA and NT.

The alliance aligns with our steadfast commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer focus, hallmarks that Parabellum International has proudly upheld for over a decade. Together, we’re forging a path of innovation that will not only fortify our clients’ operations but also set new industry benchmarks for safety and resilience.

In line with our ethos, ‘partnerships, integrity, reliability,’ we are dedicated to fortifying the safety and resilience of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Stay with us on this transformative journey as we redefine what it means to respond to emergencies with efficiency, expertise, and excellence.

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