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Our team of experienced professionals can help plan for emergency scenarios throughout the oil and gas industry. We also provide onsite safety, medical support, offshore emergency response and rescue to help keep you and your team safe.

  • Oil and Gas Emergency Response Plan
  • Oil and Gas Emergency Security & Safety
  • Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs)
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Offshore Emergency Response and Rescue
  • Offshore Industry Medical Support


Parabellum provides expertise emergency response planning and specialist advice for remote safety and emergency management to the resource, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors. We help our clients to design, build and test their health, safety and emergency systems supported by multiple International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), Standards Australia and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) accreditations.

A rigorous program of risk assessments is followed by system design and delivery, training and testing, certification and regulatory compliance.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we’ll help you design and manage the provision of your onsite emergency services. If you need expert advice and support, contact Parabellum International today.

Oil and Gas Emergency Response Plan

The preparation of an Oil and Gas Emergency Response Plan is an essential document to help mitigate the risk of onsite emergencies spiralling out of control. We can help you formulate an official document to strategically plan how to keep your staff, property and assets trained and prepared for critical scenarios.

Identify risks to mitigate potential hazards
Document onsite/offsite events for ongoing analysis
Streamline management communications during times of crisis
Introduce training programs to upskill staff on emergency response

Oil and Gas Emergency Security & Safety

We provide premium oil and gas security & safety through world class support from our team of experienced professionals. With the right planning, personnel and services, we are able to provide tailored support to mitigate the potential impact of these potential emergency situations.

Spill/leak response teams
Specialist vessels
Dedicated warehouse in WA with spill/leak supplies
Subject matter experts including oil spill incident commanders and emergency response teams

Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs)

Protect your site with a formal Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (OPEP) to introduce and formalise specific measures in case of a large-scale hydrocarbon spill. Our team understand the risks involved with on site safety and are on hand to help you formulate the best plan of attack should you need to initiate an emergency plan.

Offshore response including initial response, spill assessment and data collection
Onshore response including staff roles/responsibilities, communications and response checklists
Planning and guidance for potential scenarios including oil spill models and environmental impact
Training and staff development to ensure all staff are upskilled in all matters of OPEP requirements

Oil Spill Response

We work with the world’s largest companies to provide premium oil spill response plans and services that are reliable, safe and highly responsive. We are trusted within the industry due to our expertise in planning for these low-likelihood, high consequence events, which ensures that the response is commensurate with the risk.

Specialised vessels and equipment for optimum oil spill response
Skilled personnel experienced in cleaning up spills to limit environmental impact
Working closely with the regulator to ensure plans are compliant
Available to assist on emergencies of all sizes and complexities

Offshore Emergency Response and Rescue

When it comes to offshore emergency response and rescue, we are known for our quality throughout the oil and gas industry. Our emergency response teams include highly experienced and trained staff such as firefighters, senior emergency services officers and supervisors to help coordinate all facets of emergencies when they arise.

Experienced first-response personnel and ERRV vessels and equipment to handle emergencies swiftly
Specialists in anticipating risk and providing efficient response
Robut responses when required to minimise impacts on client operations
Emergency management system design and training

Offshore Industry Medical Support

Parabellum has an experienced team of paramedics who provide exceptional medical support offshore to ensure onsite safety and emergency management. Our oil rig paramedic teams are able to support remote locations with advanced offshore medical services.

Broad selection of offshore medical services available for remote oil rigs
Highly deployable and responsive to emergency situations
Trained and experienced in oil rig paramedics
Proprietary injury and illness case management