Parabellum’s Medical and Emergency Response Services Shine at Kathleen Valley for Liontown Resources

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We are excited to feature in Liontown Resources Limited’s FY23 ESG Report for our medical and emergency response services provided at the Kathleen Valley project. Ensuring the health and safety of all personnel in remote locations is not just a service—it’s our passion and commitment.

Last year, we established an on-site medical clinic, staffed by two dedicated Parabellum paramedics, Olivia Simpson and Shane Bray, who have become integral to the Liontown team. With extensive experience in emergency medical services, our paramedics have brought world-class care to the remote Kathleen Valley site, situated nearly 700 kilometres from Perth.

From flu outbreaks to coordinating medivacs with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, our team has adeptly managed a broad spectrum of medical emergencies and health concerns, reflecting our ethos of preparedness and rapid response. In FY23, the clinic saw 399 patients, conducted over 1,300 pre-employment medical assessments, and facilitated critical emergency actions, including two RFDS medivacs.

Looking forward, FY24 promises even greater advancements. With the groundwork laid for a new, permanent medical clinic and the addition of a registered nurse and a new ambulance, we are bolstering our capacity to provide unparalleled medical support.

It’s not just about numbers for us—it’s about the people and the community we serve. The heartwarming rapport our paramedics have built with the staff and the anticipation of the new facility symbolises our growth alongside Liontown. As we eagerly await the completion of the new clinic in October 2023, we remain committed to ensuring every individual at Kathleen Valley has access to the best medical care possible.

Parabellum International is more than just a provider; we are a partner in creating a safer, healthier, and more secure working environment. This is what we bring to every project we touch.

Stay tuned to see how we continue to elevate the standards of medical and emergency services in the industry because at Parabellum, excellence in emergency response is not just our business—it’s our promise.

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