3M™ Carbon Fibre Cylinders

1118245t carbon cylinder with t valve

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Product Information

3M™ Scott Safety’s Carbon Fibre Cylinders provide a lightweight solution for containing the air required by Breathing Apparatus. The reduction in weight lowers the user burden leading to more effective air use and less strain on the wearer.

• Constructed of an aluminium alloy inner shell and overwrapped entirely with carbon-fibre, fibreglass and epoxy resin.
• Available with right angle valve (RAV) or T Valve; the valves are nickel plated naval brass
• 6.8L 300 Bar and 9L 300 Bar
• Supplied charged/full

Suitable for Safety Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Modulair Airline Trolley.

The 3M™ Scott Safety cylinders conform to EN 12245.