3M™ Cylinder Sleeve

1118245t carbon cylinder with t valve

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Product Information

All 3M™ Scott Safety’s Cylinders may be fitted with a protective cylinder sleeve. The cylinder sleeves are a two part set with a dome end section and a valve end section which overlap in the middle of the cylinder’s length. The Cylinder Sleeves provide limited protection from scratches and abrasion to the outer surface of the cylinder. Cylinder Sleeves fit exactly on the cylinders for which they were designed. Do not attempt to trim or stretch the Cylinder Sleeves to fit on smaller or larger size cylinders. The Sleeves may be removed for routine inspection to determine if there is hidden damage beneath the Cylinder Sleeves. Sleeves that are still in good condition can be reinstalled. Cylinder Sleeves must never be installed on cylinders that exhibit any damage that would be concealed by use of the Sleeves. If use of the Cylinder Sleeves will interfere with use of the SCBA or with use of a storage rack, storage bracket, or SCBA seat bracket, do not use the Cylinder Sleeves. The 3M™ Scott Safety cylinder sleeve is made from specially compounded fire retardant grade of clear, high durometer, PVC/ Plastisol and meets or exceeds the flammability standards of the ASTM D-568. Easy to use the cylinder sleeve slips right over your cylinder, forming a watertight seal and a thick protective barrier. The cylinder sleeve is heat resistant and electrical insulation.

If use of the cylinder sleeves will interfere with use of the SCBA or with use of a storage rack, storage bracket or SCBA seat bracket do not use. Failure to identify and correct issues that could interfere with proper use of the SCBA may result in serious injury or death. Failure to inspect for damage and to empty the air from damaged cylinders may result in serious injury or death. No attempt shall be made to replace components or make adjustments or repairs beyond the scope of this instruction. If a discrepancy and/or malfunction is detected remove the
equipment from service and tag for repair by authorised personnel. The use of damaged or malfunctioning equipment may result in serious injury or death.

The 3M™ Scott Safety Cylinder Sleeve is Fire Retardant, meets ASTM D-568 standards (used to protect Fire-fighters O2 tanks) and has been approved by NFPA to be used on 3M™ Scott Safety SCBA sets.