3M™ E-A-RLINK™ Foam Eartips 3B, with Black Tube, Small Size

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Product Information

The E-A-RLINK™ 3B, is a 1/2 inch height Small/Pediatric size (9.7mm) diameter beige foam disposable/single-use eartip with black tube for use with the E-A-RTONE™ 3A and 5A Insert Earphone.

By directly coupling to the test subject’s ear canal, via disposable foam E-A-RLINK™ eartips, the E-A-RTONE™ 3A and 5A Insert Earphone for audiometric testing provide both performance and reliability advantages over traditional supra aural earphones. Benefits (in comparison to supra aural/TDH style earphones) include;
Improved ambient noise attenuation
Greater interaural attenuation
Facilitated infection control (via disposable eartips)
Elimination of collapsed canal artefact
Better Test/Re-test Reliability
Reduced Occlusion Effect for BC testing

Infant Eartips are designed to be used as an alternative for the foam (E A RLINK™ ) eartips connected to the E A RTONE™ Insert Earphone in instances where the smallest (3B) foam tip size is too large for the test subject’s ear canal.

  • Single-use, disposable
  • Silicone Faceseal – Provides comfort and stability with a soft but firm faceseal. Extended product life due to resilient silicone material. Keeps it shape in high-heat environments. Lightweight.
  • Latex-free
  • *The NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use.
  • Beige, 5,000 ea/Case