3M™ Jupiter™ PAPR Helmet JTM406C

3M™ Jupiter™ PAPR Helmet JTM406C

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The 3M™ Jupiter™ JTM406C Integrated Powered Air respirator system includes a Jupiter Air Turbo with battery, CHG-02 charger, BT-30 adjustable breathing tube and Versaflo™ High Impact Helmet M-406, tote bin and user instructions.

Can be used to protect against organic vapour, acid gas, ammonia, dust, mist and fume

  • Ready-to-go Respirator Kit with Jupiter™ Air turbo unit combined with an M-406 Helmet
  • The Jupiter Air turbo is a rugged multi-use respiratory protection system that is suitable for environments with hazardous particles and some nuisance level gases and vapours
  • The 3M™ Versaflo™ High Impact Helmet M-406 delivers respiratory, eye, face and head protection with additional neck and shoulder coverage. Features a highly durable shroud for construction application and heavy industry.
  • Robust, innovative design
  • Recommend use of pre-filters to extend main filter service life
  • Motor self adjusts to keep air flow at user set calibration flow point
  • Wide application against a range of industrial contaminants
Battery Life
8 hr
Battery Type
NiMH – Rechargeable
Breathing Tube Type
CFM Capacity per Minute (Metric)
150 to 230 litres per min
Headgear Type
Hardhat with Faceshield
Intrinsically Safe
Mounting Type
Product Series
Product Type
PAPR Systems
Visor Type


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