3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Neckband Format Earmuff H540B, Black and Red, Class 5 SLC80 34dB

3mtm peltortm optimetm iii 540b black and red neckband format earmuff

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Product Information

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Earmuffs, H540B are our high performance neckband hearing protectors for use in extremely loud environments, reducing noise levels by up to 34 dB. They have a double casing that minimises resonance and comfortable soft, wide cushions to decrease pressure around the ears. Available in headband, helmet attached and Hi-Viz green models.

Get comfortable, high performance hearing protection with 3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Earmuffs. They’re ideal for use in extremely loud environments such as airports, power stations, marine engine rooms and print works. An alternative choice for those wearers who prefer not to wear a handband. The neckband model allows for wear with complimentary PPE, worn around the neck they can be worn with helmets and other head and face apparel without interference. Our neckband earmuffs reduce noise levels up to 34 dB and have a double-casing technology that minimises resonance in the holder casing resulting in maximum high-frequency attenuation. The large space inside the cups helps reduce heat and moisture build-up, and the soft, wide foam cushions offer low contact pressure around the ears, making them comfortable to wear for long periods and increasing compliance through user wear preference. Our earmuff stands for effective protection and highest comfort for the wearer. The cushions and foam inserts are available as Hygiene Kits which are easy to replace if they become worn or damaged, extending the life of the product. They’re available in headband, helmet attached and Hi-Viz green models.

  • Reduces noise levels up to 34 dB
  • Double casing technology minimises resonance effect
  • Large space inside the cups helps minimise heat and moisture build-up
  • Soft, wide, cushions help reduce pressure around the ears
  • Cushions and inserts available as replacement Hygiene Kits
  • 10 ea/Case