ANGUS Fire Hi-Combat Foam Uniductors

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Product Information

The Angus Fire Hi-Combat uniductors are the simplest and most accurate means of inducing foam into a water stream. Five models are available: Uni-225 (1-3) – Uni-225 (3-6) – Uni-450 (1-3) – Uni-450 (3-6) – Uni-900 (1-6). Specifically designed to accurately induce both Newtonian and non Newtonian foam concentrates.

Flow rates: 225, 450 and 900 l/min at 7 bar g to match the model numbers.

Venturi-type inductor devices, designed to be used with Low and Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes.

Colour-coding ensures rapid and trouble free assembly.

Simple TWIST control knob prevents accidental change of induction rate during operation.

Special energy recovery system limits pressure loss to 35-40%, retaining max pressure for foam projection.