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Product Information

Use ISOCLOTHS anti-bacterial alcohol wipes to disinfect hard surfaces that have already been cleaned or to remove any residue from previous cleaning products for a work-ready, sanitised surface. They are also ideal for wiping, cleaning, polishing plus countless other applications.

Each canister includes 75 ready to use cloths impregnated with 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol.

  • Anti-bacterial, hospital grade wipes to disinfect surfaces
  • Many cleaning uses including food preparation, health care, hospitality, commercial (janitorial), industrial and household.
  • Use alcohol wipes in maintenance workshops, warehouses, factories, offices, vehicles, public facilities and more.
  • Tough construction
  • Quick to access – self-dispensing in a neat, easy-to-use canister
  • Foil-sealed to extend shelf life
  • Each wipe measures 42cm x 14cm
  • Alcohol wipes are tough, durable and lint-free so no messy fibres are left on surfaces.
  • The cloth structure of these absorbent wipes traps dirt easily.

Description: Cloth Size  Code ISOCLOTHS  anti-bacterial alcohol wipes – 75-pack canister42cm x 14cmSCISOCLOTH