Arachnipod Bridge Kit

Arachnipod Bridge Kit

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Product Information

The Bridge Kit can be added to any of the Arachnipod tripods to upgrade their functionality to include a bridge system.

The bridge system adds a panning capability well suited to trench rescue and confined space applications.

A mechanical advantage hauling system can be suspended directly from the trolley provided it includes an integrated braking system. The Ferno CSRK pulley kit is a pre-rigged 4:1 mechanical advantage system that is ideal for use with the Arachnipod bridge.

The Bridge Kit is available with the choice of a 2 m, 3m or 4m bridge.

APOD-BR2 2 Metre Bridge Kit
APOD-BR3 3 Metre Bridge Kit
APOD-BR4 4 Metre Bridge Kt


ode Description         Qty
** Bridge (2m,3m or 4m) 1
90-0108 Additional Standard Leg 1
** Bridge Bag to suit bridge length 1
42-1019 Foot Tether Rope 1