Ausspray Dispersant Spray System 2 x 6 – 120L per min

Ausspray Dispersant Spray System 2 x 6 – 120L per min

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Ausspray oil spill dispersant spray system is used to minimise the environmental impact of oil spills on water. Dispersant spray systems are used on tugs, offshore supply vessels, workboats and other spill response craft who deal with emergency spills within a marine environment.

Used on small vessels in still waters, or large vessels operating in open sea and windy conditions, the Ausspray dispersant spray system is a compact, packaged unit that accurately dispenses seawater-diluted dispersant using dedicated pumps – eliminating the need for troublesome eductors.

Ausspray dispersant systems have been designed to meet the needs of Australian operators. They are simple to operate and have been constructed from the best marine-grade components and materials.

  • This 120L per minute Ausspray system is quick and easy to set up and pack away.
  • The dispersant spray system is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine which drives a self-priming seawater supply pump and dedicated dispersant injector pump to achieve accurate and adjustable dispersant to seawater ratios of between 5% and 50%.
  • Dedicated pumps provide huge system flexibility in readily adapting to a wide range of site conditions from large to small spills, different types of oil, oil layer thickness, oil SG, speed of the vessel and climatic conditions.
  • Optional flow meters with digital readout allows simple and accurate calculation and adjustment of the seawater to dispersant ratio – an important consideration when using expensive dispersant chemical.
  • The Ausspray dispersant spray system is supplied with all the necessary hoses, fittings, boom spray arms, dropper nozzles, king posts, rope stays and accessories to provide a complete working package.
  • The dropper nozzles mounted off the boom arms directs the dispersant droplet to the oil for efficient break up.
  • Ausspray dispersant systems can be fully enclosed for weather protection and noise reduction or lockable security.
  • Units can be skid-mounted, trolley-mounted or fitted with roll or safety cages.

The Ausspray dispersant system is user-friendly, simple to operate for even inexperienced personnel, and is constructed from the very best materials and components.

Please note: Chemical dispersants should only be used in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Construction Arms: 2 x 6m, stainless steel – fold in half
King Post: 2 x 2.6m, stainless steel
Clamps/deck plate: Stainless steel
Guy/stays: Fore, aft & top – 8mm silver rope
Nozzles: 3 per arm, stainless steel (removable)
Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 120cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 75cm (H)
Engine 7.5 hp Yanmar diesel engine, single cylinder
Mounting Skid mounted with shock absorbers
Exhaust Spark arrester fitted
Starting Recoil
Seawater pump Self priming, diaphragm pump
Chemical pump Self priming, diaphragm pump
Seawater hose 5m suction hose with strainer
Dispersant hose 5m suction hose with strainer
Delivery hose 2 x 5m
Connections Camlock, quick release
Dispersant mixing Metered on suction side of injector pump
System flow rate 120 litre/min
Dispersant flow rate  0 – 16 litre/min
Spare parts A range of spare parts are included


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