Bannister Brush with Coco Fibre Bristles

Bannister Brush with Coco Fibre Bristles

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This bannister brush with coco fibre bristles has been designed to be used with our heavy duty dustpan and is ideal for spill kits for small clean up tasks.

  • Coco fibre bristles together with a wooden stock handle makes this brush ideal in a clean up operation as it produces very little static.
  • Coco fibre bristles are to clean up after a spill than a nylon fibre brush allowing for longevity of the brush.
  • Use together with our heavy duty dustpan (sold separately).
  • The bannister brush’s natural stiff coco bristles effectively collect small particles.
  • Ideal for workshops, factories, warehouses or any location with hard, sealed surfaces.
  • Bannister brush features coco fibre bristles which are 4.5cm high and a wooden handle which is 28cm long.

Spill clean up tools have been specially selected to ensure high workplace safety standards are met whilst achieving fast and efficient clean up. An extensive range of clean up safety tools is available.

Description Size Code
Bannister brush with coco fibre bristles 4.5cm bristles with 28cm wooden handle BRUSH


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