Collapsible decontamination bunds

Collapsible decontamination bunds

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These collapsible decontamination bunds feature a unique snap-lock solution which enables operators to quickly create a safe and secure area to house drums, tanks, plant and machinery or to deal with potential spillage. These collapsible decontamination bunds are especially suitable for use with emergency showers, bodywash or eyewash stations, to capture the run-off of any contaminants.

  • Use these collapsible bunds as a decontamination area to capture waste or wash water.
  • Internal batons are already in place. Simply stand the wall up vertically.
  • Internal support braces are ideal for windy or more rugged conditions.
  • Collapsible decontamination bunds are easy to carry and compact to transport.
  • Supplied in a carry bag with a handy velcro opening and strong handles.
  • Set-up instructions are conveniently placed on the outside of the bag in a specially designed see-through pocket.
  • Made from standard duty (900gsm) PVC.
  • Walls allow easy access to the bund when using it as a decontamination station.

The safe storage, handling and transportation of drums, containers, tanks, machinery and equipment in the workplace is essential to protect workers and the environment from incidental spills, leaks and drips.

Our broader range of collapsible bunds features external batons which hold up the walls, therefore not impacting on the sump volume of the bund itself. The category includes a wide variety of sizes and materials to suit every application.

Made in Australia


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