D2 Escape Descender Kit

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Product Information

The D2 Escape Descender is compact and lightweight allowing it to be on harness at all times.

It is the only micro-descender with a descent sweet spot and panic brake mechanism that stops descent not slow it down. Easy to back feed rope for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling when used as part of a 2:1 Z-rig,

Longer lengths available on request.

Kit Contents QTY
D2 Descender 1
15 m 8 mm rope 1
Alloy screwgate karabiners 2
Anchor sling 1
Bag 1
  • Rated Load 100 kg
  • Certified EN12841, NFPA
D2 Descender 1
8 mm Rope 15 m
Alloy screwgate karabiners 2
Anchor Sling 1
Bag 1