Dräger ANP COM

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Dräger ANP-COM is an integrated communication unit with active hearing protection. It protects against loud, distracting background noises, while also allowing direct communication with others. Radio messages can likewise be heard clearly. With its slim design, the ANP-COM is even suitable for wearing under a helmet.

Communication even in noisy surroundings
Ideal combination of active hearing protection and a radio communications system: Even at very high noise volumes (offshore sites, shipyards, helicopters, engine rooms), the integrated microphones and speakers allow low-level surrounding sounds to be picked up.

The external microphones direct the sounds to the earmuffs. There, they are played back in stereo so the user can even hear from which direction the sounds are coming. Whenever the noise volume lowers to a tolerable level, the hearing protection switches back to listening mode and surrounding sounds are amplified again.

Radio connections
​An integrated 4-pin NEXUS plug provides an interface to an external push-to-talk button (Dräger C-C440 or C-C550) for analogue and digital radio communication. Here, you can connect any of approx. 350 different radio models. Even if the battery of the ANP-COM runs out, it is still possible to transmit and receive radio messages.

Use with protective headwear
​Both in industrial settings and fire services, workers and rescue teams are often exposed to situations involving extreme noise levels that require the use of head and hearing protection. With its slender yet durable design, the Dräger ANP-COM can even be worn under a helmet.

High level of comfort
​The combination of its light weight of about 350 g and the high-quality ear cushion on the earmuffs ensure a high level of comfort. That makes the APN-COM a perfect choice, even for lengthy periods of use, without the risk of pressure spots.

Use in potentially explosive hazardous environments
​The Dräger ANP-COM is also approved to EXII 2G Ex ib IIC T4 standards, thus allowing you to use it in an explosive atmosphere. In combination with the Dräger C-C440 or C-C550 control units, it can be connected with an ATEX approved radio device.

Various configurations
​For transmitting voice, three different microphones (throat, swan-neck and bone conduction microphone) are available. The microphones differ in terms of speech quality and wearing comfort. In extremely loud environments, we recommend a vibration-sensitive microphone, such as a throat or bone conduction microphone.


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