Dräger CPS 6800

Draeger CPS 6800 01 D 90754 2013

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Product Information

If you are looking for protection against cryogenic hazardous substances and low concentrations of acids and alkalis then the Dräger CPS 6800 chemical protective suit is the right choice. The new and innovative suit design is more flexible and allows you to comfortably enter confined spaces.

Gas-tight suit

  • SCBA worn over the protective suit
  • five suit sizes (S-XXL)
  • diagonal zipper for donning without assistance
  • suit material Umex, reusable

Outstanding protection

With its external self-contained breathing apparatus the gas-tight Dräger CPS 6800 protects against gaseous, aerosol-based, liquid and solid hazardous substances. The Umex suit material guarantees mechanical strength and provides maximum wearing comfort. The outstanding flexibility of the material makes the reusable suit ideal for handling cryogenic media and working in cold environments.

Snug, flexible and comfortable

The Dräger CPS 6800 guarantees wearing comfort, even during difficult work in hazardous areas. The CPS 6800 provides maximum freedom of movement with its innovative ergonomic cut in five different suit sizes. In addition, the light and soft suit material adapts perfectly to your movements and offers outstanding flexibility. Optional individually adjustable braces provide the user with even more wearing comfort and ensure a better fit.

Perfectly adapted to your needs

The Dräger CPS 6800 is equipped with a radio pocket and has a gas-tight Polyurethane (PUR) closure system. Safety gloves and safety boots are connected to the suit in a gas-tight manner and can be easily replaced. As an alternative to the securely attached safety boots, the suit can also be equipped with securely attached and gas-tight socks. Alongside the integrated full face mask, the Dräger CPS 6800 also allows for the fitting of a flexible, gas-tight face cuff. This allows you to easily switch between full face masks for a single suit. The integrated PT 120 L control valve gives the Dräger CPS 6800 an optional ventilation system for easy connection to various air sources. This allows the wearers to cool themselves down in order to reduce humidity in the suit.

Always ready for use with low service expenses

Regular inspection expenses have been considerably reduced by the new service concept. Any repairs and maintenance work can of course be carried out by Dräger – but equally, be independently performed by your own service personnel. The suit can be easily cleaned and disinfected over its service life of up to ten years.