Dräger CPS 7800 olive

Draeger CPS 7800 oliv Gas Tight Suits 3 2 D 52736 2012

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Product Information

Dräger CPS 7800 olive

​The gas-tight, reusable Dräger CPS 7800 (Type 1b) provides excellent protection against a wide range of gaseous, liquid, aerosol and solid hazardous and warfare agents, even in areas of explosion hazard. Thanks to its innovative material and suit design, it also provides flexibility and comfort when working inside confined spaces.

Reliable protection

​The Dräger CPS 7800 protects you from a wide range of possible threats when working with hazardous substances and warfare agents. The innovative D-mex antistatic suit material provides exceptional chemical resistance and protection against mechanical permeation. The Dräger CPS 7800 exceeds the requirements of international standards for reusable protective suits.

Five layers of safety with D-Mex

​D-mex, the unique suit material used in the Dräger CPS 7800, consists of five layers and has proven itself for police and military personnel in hazardous situations and war zones. The middle layer is made of tear-resistant textile and the inner and outer layers are made of an especially durable elastomer layer and a highly chemical-resistant barrier layer. Thanks to this structure, the suit still offers full protection even if the outer layer is damaged.

Flexible, comfortable and a perfect fit

​The Dräger CPS 7800 increases wearing comfort even during difficult tasks in hazardous environments. With its ergonomic design and choice of five sizes, it offers excellent mobility to anyone between 1.50 m and 2.05 m tall. Plus, the light, soft material adjusts to the wearer’s movements, providing full flexibility. Optional, individually adjustable suspenders provide even greater comfort and a better fit. The new design enables you to don the Dräger CPS 7800 more easily than ever. You can put it on, take it off and close the zip without any help from others.

Always ready to use

​Thanks to the innovative materials and new service concepts, it has been possible to significantly reduce service intervals. Plus, the suit can be cleaned and disinfected fully automatically and simply. This way, it’s easy to keep the suit in good working order during the complete service life of up to 15 years. An unused suit with face cuff can be stored for up to five years even without being serviced. Should repairs or maintenance be needed, these can be performed by the service technician. DrägerService is of course also more than happy to take care of this for you.

Ready for the unexpected

​With optional accessories, the Dräger CPS 7800 can be adjusted even more to your own individual requirements and areas of application. The suit is available with a built-in Panorama Nova full-face mask or with face cuff. To reduce excessive stress for the wearer, especially during long-term use, the suit can be equipped with a ventilation system. The Dräger CPS 7800 features an optional ventilation system with a built-in PT 120 L regulation valve which can be connected to various air supply types. You can also have your own custom printing on the suit if you wish. Using the Dräger CPS 7800 training suit, you can carry out exercises using all the suit’s features in realistic scenarios outside of harm’s way.