Dräger UCF® FireVista

Dräger UCF® FireVista

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Small, light, robust and can be operated with just one button: The compact thermal imaging camera Dräger UCF® FireVista provides excellent picture quality even under the most difficult operating conditions. The camera is ready for immediate use and provides the best possible support on firefighting deployments. Outstanding quality – especially in the price.

Ideally suited for firefighting
When fire, smoke and darkness make firefighting difficult, the Dräger thermal imaging camera provides a vital sense of orientation, supporting the firefighter to advance, to identify the source of the fire and to locate victims. The Dräger UCF® FireVista helps you to optimally assess dangerous situations and thus obtain additional safety.

Excellent image quality
Even in poor visibility conditions, the Dräger UCF FireVista produces exceptional images. It is optimised for structural firefighting and provides a clear view even in thick smoke and darkness. Thanks to its high thermal sensitivity, it reliably detects even the smallest differences in temperature, which allows you to localise fire sources more quickly. This means that the image displayed shows a clear contrast between walls, doors and stairs. The high resolution and frame rate ensure that optimal image quality creates a quick overview in split seconds. This helps to find people more quickly when searching for them. With a clear view, you can search rooms and surrounding areas for sources of fire or locate victims. These features help you complete your
mission quickly and safely.

Extremely durable and heat resistant
Even under the harshest operating conditions, you can rely on the camera’s durability and heat resistance. Thanks to its almost indestructible outer shell, the Dräger UCF FireVista is extremely heat resistant. It can also easily withstand mechanical stresses that occur during a mission. Its IP67 protection class means water and dust cannot affect it in typical operating conditions.

Light and manageable
Weighing only 870 g, it makes it one of the lightest thermal imaging cameras currently on the market. During a mission, this means two important benefits: increased mobility and minimum physical strain for the user. The compact design ensures comfortable handling. Ease of use with one-button operation. The camera deliberately dispenses with additional functions and focuses on optimised thermal imaging. With just one on/off switch, the camera requires minimum effort to operate. It is quickly ready for operation and gives you all the information you need in just a few seconds. This saves you valuable time in critical deployment situations. Despite the compact design, it has a large screen, so you can also assess the situation with others.


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