Duraboom Solid Float Curtain Boom – 900gsm PVC

Duraboom Solid Float Curtain Boom – 900gsm PVC

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Duraboom curtain boom is an impervious (non absorbent) floating structure with a large circular foam-filled chamber that sits above the water, together with a weighted, continuous skirt below the surface.

Solid float curtain booms perform better than fence booms in windy conditions with rough or open waters. A curtain boom is ideal for short or long term deployment in harbours, rivers, ponds, dams, or other rougher open waters.

  • Buoyancy chamber diameters for curtain boom manufactured in 900gsm PVC range in size from 25cm to 50cm.
  • Skirt lengths manufactured in 900gsm PVC range from 35cm to 80cm.
  • Wind does not affect solid float curtain boom as much as fence boom.
  • Manufactured in 20 metre sections, Duraboom curtain boom is UV and oil resistant, with a buoyancy to weight ration of 25:1.
  • Curtain boom is often used in a longer term deployment situations on mine sites to prevent and redirect oily water moving across dams.
  • 900gsm PVC material is easy to clean.
  • Duraboom curtain boom is manufactured by high frequency fabric welding.
  • Each section includes anchor points and extruded aluminium ASTM end connectors to allow multiple lengths to be joined together. Handles can be included if required.
  • Cover can be supplied to help prevent UV damage for longer-term deployment situations.

How does a solid float curtain boom work?

Solid float curtain booms have a foam-filled flotation chamber above the water and a weighted continuous skirt below the surface. This helps them perform well in rougher weather but may also make them more difficult to store and clean.

Notes about oil containment booms:

Floating booms or impervious barriers that trap oil on the water’s surface are universally called oil containment booms. They are generally manufactured from PVC or urethane material and are able to withstand the harsh conditions and elements typically found at an oil spill. Oil containment booms typically consist of the following elements:

  • Freeboard – the part of the boom above the water’s surface. Designed to deflect or contain an oil spill.
  • Skirt – the impervious barrier below the water’s surface. Skirt depth varies according to boom type.
  • Ballast – located at the bottom of the skirt and keeps the boom upright in the water.
  • Connectors – allow multiple boom lengths to be joined together to form one long continuous barrier.
Description Float diameter Skirt height fabric Code
Duraboom solid float curtain boom 25cm 35cm 900gsm PVC CB250/350
Duraboom solid float curtain boom 30cm 50cm 900gsm PVC CB300/500
Duraboom solid float curtain boom 40cm 60cm 900gsm PVC CB400/600
Duraboom solid float curtain boom 50cm 80cm 900gsm PVC CB500/800

Boom fabric: Woven polyester scrim coated with PVC
Boom colour: Orange 900gsm PVC
UV resistance: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Resistant to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis and solvents
Boom connections: Extruded aluminium – ASTM standard
Operational temperature: -20c to +80c
Buoyancy to weight: 25:1
Anchor points: Two per section
Anchor system: 10kg to 35kg anchors – depending on boom and conditions.


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