Ferno LifeSaver Rescue Stretcher

Ferno Lifesaver Rescue Stretcher

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Product Information

The Ferno LifeSaver Stretcher is a modern version of the traditional Neil Robertson Stretcher and is designed to be both quick and easy to use in horizontal and vertical lift situations where minimum bulk is a consideration.

The LifeSaver Rescue Stretcher comes complete with integral leg and torso flaps that envelope the patient like a traditional corset which is complimented by a simple head restraint, five built-in patient restraints and a long foot strap. It is fitted with various carry handles and stainless steel rings that are used at the foot and head end for guiding and lifting the stretcher.  The compact, roll-up design makes storing and transporting the stretcher easy.

The LifeSaver Rescue Stretcher is made with full length 5 mm ribs interwoven in tough 1000 denier, high tenacity nylon fabric to provide full body splinting in a very narrow patient package.

Colour: Teal Green