Flowsell Medication Cupboard 2M-915

Flowsell Medication Cupboard 2M-915

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Flowsell have a versatile range of ready to go Medication Cupboards for any workplace fitout. Each cupboard is equipped to integrate either the Flowsell PullOut Trayshelf, or SlipShelft, Flat Shelf, fixed Wire Mesh Baskets or PullOut Wire Baskets.

The System 600 Medication Cupboard can have a Slam Lock and Punch Panel on a single door or a 3-Point Key Lock with double doors. System 915 Medication Cupboards only have 3-Point Key Locks for secure storage. Medication Cupboards are available to be customised with the option of transparent doors.

Use in Medication Rooms, Wards or the Hospital Pharmacy for:

  • Restricted Medications
  • Resuscitation Drugs
  • After Hours Medications
  • Records

Key Benefits:

  • Security
  • Retrofit
  • Compact Storage
  • Relocatable

A larger freestanding Medication Cupboard with double doors. It is capable of holding up to 120 medications and is ideal for storing medications or surgical supplies that need to be kept secure.

Cupboard Dimensions
Height 2030mm
Width 986mm
Depth 545mm
Medication Options Fitting the Cupboard
PullOut TrayShelf 910/305 or 910/405  Cantilever Flat Shelf 914/305 or 914/405 
8 8
Surgical Options Fitting the Cupboard
Wire Mesh Baskets on Punched Panels PullOut Wire Baskets
MB1  MB2     MB3 MB4 WB1 WB2
112 112 20 16 20 12


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