Flowsell PullOut Wire Baskets for Cupboards

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Product Information

Flowsell offers another range of Cleanstor Wire Baskets uniquely designed to slide out on roller drawer runners. Cleanstor PullOut Wire Baskets are so versatile that they can be fitted in Cupboards, PullOut Basket Gondolas, UnderBench PullOut Basket Cabinets or freestanding Basket Cabinets.

Cleanstor Wire Baskets on pull out drawer runners can be fitted to new or existing cupboards. Flowsell can also supply a row of melamine wall cabinets with a 32mm bench top into which Cleanstor Wire Baskets can be installed. Fluids or surgical consumables can be destocked from cardboard cartons and stored in the Cleanstor Wire Baskets.

Cupboard Height Minimum Internal Cupboard Depth       Cabinet Width
Optional 420mm 575mm