Hazardous waste drum – Haz-Shield 300L

Hazardous waste drum – Haz-Shield 300L

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This UN-rated 300L Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum is designed to hold damaged 205L drums, containers or contaminated clothing and PPE.

Haz-Shield is the only Australian-manufactured hazardous waste recovery capsule to obtain United Nations approval.

The Haz-Shield drum has been specifically designed for the recovery and transportation of hazardous materials, food and drugs whilst protecting the safety of workers and the environment.

  • Haz-Shield drum is designed for the storage and transport of dangerous goods.
  • Can be used for safely storing damaged drums and containers up to 205 litre capacity.
  • Place waste or damaged containers into haz spill drum or invert over the drum over the damaged container and turn the right way up.
  • Screw-top lid with ‘O’ ring seal allows the contents to be sealed in the drum for moving or transporting.
  • Notched lid allows a bar to be used to help open or close threaded lid.
  • Sturdy forklift shoulder on the drum to allow lifting by forklifts.
  • Tough polyethylene construction provides excellent corrosion resistance to oils, fuels, acids, alkalis and most chemicals.
  • Haz-Shield hazardous disposal drum is 100% UV resistant.
  • UN approval number UN 1H2/X50/S/AUS/20239 for the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

Use the Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum for hazardous drum storage, salvage and transport

A smaller 50 litre Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum is also available.

Description Dimensions Volume Code
Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum 78.4cm x 78.4cm x 108cm 300 litres HSD300


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