DESMI Helix Skimmer Circular Brush System


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Product Information

The Helix skimmer is a powerful brush skimmer with a revolutionary circular design to increase efficiency and total collection surface. The skimmer has a unique brush drive enabling it to collect the heaviest of oils.

The Helix Circular Brush System presents a significant advancement in skimmer technology. This circular brush skimmer is the result of several years of research and development.

The oil is able to flow freely onto the brushes from any angle which is especially important for heavy and thick oils. This gives significant operational advancement over square or rectangular units.

The Helix is delivered as a complete skimmer with either the DOP-250 DUAL, DOP-200 DUAL or DOP-160 depending on capacity requirements. The Helix skimmer can be supplied as an adaptor for mounting on existing skimmers such as the Termite and Terminator and is also available with external floats for increased stability.

Circular skimmers have some operational advantages over square or rectangular units – namely that the oil is able to flow freely onto the collection surface from any angle. This is especially important with thick and viscous oils which do not flow very easily when pumped.

The Helix skimmer uses a brush drive mechanism that rotates on a curved stainless steel shaft enabling the brushes to “grab” the oil from any side of the skimmer and pull it into the pump. Its large-diameter brushes enable the Helix brush skimmer to achieve high recovery rates.

Advantages of the Helix brush skimmer:

  • 360 degree oil encounter rate
  • High oil recovery rate
  • Drive motor fitted with gearbox for high torque
  • Suitable for a wide range of oils
  • Large diameter brush wheels
  • Lifting point and splash cover included
  • Stand-alone skimmer or adaptor for mounting on other models of weir skimmer
  • Patent-pending circular brush design

DESMI has overcome the challenges presented of circular design by engineering a unique brush drive train and combing mechanisms. DESMI has recognised for some time that circular skimmers have considerable operational advantages over square or rectangular units – namely that the oil is able to flow freely onto the brushes from any angle, which is especially important with heavy and thick oils that do not flow well.


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