Honor FPED Auto Descender Fall Arrest Block

Honor FPED Auto Descender Fall Arrest Block

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Honor fall arrest blocks are renowned to have the fastest fall arrest capture times which result in reduced kN forces in a fall. Thanks to its superior design, minimal tolerances and high grade corrosion-resistant components, Honor fall arrest blocks have a longer product life with less maintenance and downtime.

The Honor FPED works the same as the FAB Rescue Block, however once the fall has been arrested, the device automatically lowers the user to the ground at a constant speed of 1.3 m per second (100 kg) due to its integrated descent brake.

Supplied standard with steel double action hook, swivel eye and fall arrest indicator on harness end and swivel eye on achor end.  Available in either 15 m or 33 m lengths.


  • Fast fall arrest capture time
  • Reduced kN forces
  • Very low examination and inspection costs
  • Modular quick-acting braking system
  • Lightweight, robust aluminium housing and modules
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminium internal components
  • Swivel connection eye
  • Certified EN 360:2002 and EN 341:2001/1C
  • Weight 15 m: 18.7 kg
  • Weight 33 m: 20.9 kg
  • Max: 150 kg


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