Lakeland Pyrolon CRFR Chemical repellent flame retardant disposable coverall

Lakeland Pyrolon CRFR Chemical repellent flame retardant disposable coverall

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Lakeland’s Pyrolon chemical repellent and flame retardant suit is a highly flexible disposable coverall, delivering Type 3/4 chemical protection.

  • Lakeland’s Pyrolon CRFR are both chemical repellent and flame retardant.
  • These coveralls meet the requirements of EN 14116 (Index 1: Materials do not propagate a flame / no flaming debris / no spreading afterglow) for garment protection against heat and flames.
  • Thermal Mannequin Tested – when the Pyrolon CRFR is worn over a Thermal Protective Garment (TPG) a total predicted body burn is as low as 24% of 1st degree burns.
  • The fabric on chemical flame retardant suit will not ignite and chars at a low temperature, and unlike other disposables, these flame retardant coveralls will not continue to burn after the ignition source is withdrawn.
  • It can be used safely over thermal protective garments without compromising protection.
  • Offers Type 3/4 chemical protection against low to high pressure liquid sprays. Additionally offers Type 5/6 protection
  • These coveralls feature stitched and taped seams to create fully sealed seams against liquid and dust ingress*
  • Features outer FR PVC barrier film to proprietary nonwoven substrate of viscose rayon.
  • Pyrolon flame retardant suit features super-B style design – this coverall has been developed for a superior fit, wearability and durability
  • All Lakeland coveralls are suitable for asbestos handling and removing

Typical applications include:

  • Petrochemical and refining industries
  • Wear over thermal protective garments without compromising chemical protection
  • Maintenance applications
  • Fuel handling and distribution
  • Oil spill clean ups


  • Offers both chemical and flame resistance
  • Meets requirements of EN 14116 (Index 1) for heat and flame protection
  • Offers Type 3/4 chemical protection.
  • Can be worn on top of other thermal protective garments


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