Lifetec Multi-Trauma Rescue Training Dummy

81 Lifetec Multi Trauma Rescue Training Dummy hi scaled

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Product Information

The Lifetec Multi-Trauma Rescue Training Manikin is a general purpose rugged rescue manikin that can simulate an impaled torso, suspected neck injury and amputated arm or leg and allows the fitting of an extrication collar.

The hole on the left of the torso allows a paling or a spike that is firmly held in place. The right arm and right leg are fully detachable to simulate an amputation, or by partially releasing the locking straps the limb can be weakly attached and will fall off. The manikin is supplied complete with sturdy gum boots that protect the legs if the manikin is dragged along the ground.

The Multi-Trauma Rescue Training Manikin is tough enough to allow a vehicle or heavy girder to be laid on it without damage.

Code Description Height Weight
LT-RLNMT30 Light Adult 1.80 m 30 kg
LT-RLNMT50 Adult 1.80 m 50 kg
LT-RLNMT70 Heavy Adult 1.80 m 70 kg