Lifetec Water Rescue Dummy

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Product Information

The Lifetec Water Rescue Dummy perfectly simulates an unconscious casualty in water.

They will float at an angle of approximately 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders visible. The overalls supplied have integral pockets that enable the user to add buoyancy or weight to the dummy. Additional use of a heavy-duty nylon mesh and closed cell foam allows water to flood out of the dummy as it is being recovered.

The Lifetec Water Rescue Dummies can now be supplied in two models: ‘man overboard’ or ‘search and rescue’. The man overboard dummy is supplied with bright orange overalls and reflective tape on the headband. The search and rescue model is supplied with black overalls with no reflective tape.

Code Description Height Weight      
LT-RLNWRMO Adult Man Overboard 1.83 m 40 kg
LT-RLNWRSR Adult Search and Rescue 1.83 m 40 kg
LT-RLNWRMO20 Youth Man Overboard 1.30 m 20 kg
LT-RLNWRSR20 Youth Search and Rescue 1.30 m 20 kg