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Product Information

The S 799 e³ has huge forces and superior blade geometry, making it ideally prepared for the heaviest technical assistance work.



A highlight of our e³ rescue equipment series is the intelligent dashboard, which enables a direct exchange between user and equipment. You get more control during the operation through the different performance indicators on the display. This makes rescue operations smarter, safer and more efficient.


Icon_Salzwasser SALTWATER

With the blue LUKAS e3 battery, rescue operations in saltwater at depths of 3m for up to 60 minutes are no longer an issue. The saltwater icon will illuminate on the dashboard to confirm that a saltwater compatible battery has been inserted.

Icon-Leistung POWER

The power indicator scale shows the pressure range the tool is operating in during use and provides information about the remaining power resources.

Icon_Rollwarnung ROLL WARNING

If the rescue tool detects an excessive angle change against the cutting direction, e.g. due to incorrect application of the tool, the colour of the blue illuminated on/off button changes to red, prompting the user to adjust the angle and handle the rescue tool correctly. The user can now reposition the rescue tool – avoiding a hazardous situation and, as a result, not only working more efficiently, but also protecting the victim and themselves.

Icon-Temperatur TEMPERATURE

The temperature indicator alerts the user to the possibility of the tool overheating.

Icon-Turbo TURBO

To work even faster, the e3 series has a turbo mode that can be easily controlled via the star grip. The user can activate turbo mode by fully activating the star grip all the way to the right. The matching icon on the dashboard remains illuminated as long as the tool is being used in turbo mode.

Icon-Kapazita-t CAPACITY

The rescue tool communicates with the LUKAS rescue battery via built-in software and provides the user with information about the battery’s remaining capacity. The charge level indicator is used to simplify monitoring of the battery’s remaining capacity and ensures that the user can swap out the battery in a timely manner.

Icon-Sterngriff STAR GRIP

When the star grip is turned, the respective direction indicator lights up as long as the grip is turned in this direction. It shows the user at the moment of the work step whether the device is currently opening or closing.

Technical Data of the product “S 799 e3”
Dimensions: 930 x 265 x 253 mm
EN cutting class: K
EN Cutting capacity: 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K
Weight: 24,9 kg
Blade opening: 204 mm
NFPA cutting classes: A9, B9, C9, D9, E9, F5
Round steel up to: 45 mm
Cutting force up to: 1376 kN
Protection class: IP 58
Series: e3