LUKAS S 799 E2 Cutter

LUKAS S 799 E2 Cutter

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While the previous top-of-the-range S 788 E2 has always offered truly outstanding cutting performance, our BEAST BY LUKAS takes it to the next level. With the TÜV-certified cutting performance according to EN 13204 or NFPA, the new S 799 E2 achieves the highest possible categories in each case: “All 9” according to NFPA and “5 x K” according to EN 1304. More is not possible! And also the cutting force in kN reaches the highest value of all LUKAS shears: 1,346 kN, i.e. almost 140 tons were calculated.

But even these high values only say a fraction of the unbeatable performance in practical use. After all, the best theoretical cutting force is of little use if it is not supported by an optimum shape of the shearing blades. The redesigned S 799 E2 knives do not just look as if they have been specially designed for the application. They also guarantee an outstanding cutting result in practice. The cutter automatically centres itself around the part to be cut in such a way that the maximum possible cutting force is always available. With an opening width of 204 mm, THE BEAST BY LUKAS also falls into the highest possible category according to EN 13204, i.e. class CC 200, when it comes to the criterion “blade geometry”.

With our BEAST BY LUKAS – S 799 E2 you are equipped for all the challenges that new vehicle

Technical Data of the product S 799 E2
Dimensions: 1010 x 276 x 281 mm
EN-Classification: K
Weight: 25,3 kg
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Cutting force up : 1.376 kN
Round steel up to: 45 mm
Blade opening: 204 mm
NFPA- classes: A9/B9/C9/D9/E9
EN-cutting performance: 1K-2K-3K-4K-5
Battery: 5,0 Ah


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