LUKAS SP 333 E2 Spreader

LUKAS SP 333 E2 Spreader

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This rescue spreader exceeds all expectations: Despite weighing 2.4kg less than its predecessor SP 300 E2, it packs 20% more power. It is no wonder that it looks so good. An optimised high-performance rescue battery ensures that it does not run out of steam at just the wrong moment. The SP 333 E2 is impressive not only thanks to the squeezing plates built into the arms, but also its sharp “Shark Tooth” tips with their irresistible grip! Real professionals cannot do without the SP 333 E2, as it sets the new standard in the mobile compact-class.

Technical Data of the product “SC 333 E2”
Dimensions: 905 x 255 x 285 mm
EN-Classification: AS 42/600-18,2
Weight: 17,3 kg
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Spreading force 25 mm inward tip: 42 kN
Spreading force up to: 836 kN
Spreading distance: 600 mm
Pulling force up to: 56 kN
Pulling distance: 440 mm


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